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Vida Madighi-Oghu

Vida Madighi-Oghu is a Nigerian born Cape Town based artist. Madighi-Oghu graduated from Michaelis School of Fine art in 2022 and earned an honours degree from the Centre for Curating the Archive in 2024.


Madighi-Oghu describes herself as a storyteller with a research first approach rooted in themes from her Nigerian and multicultural upbringing such as language, traditional wear, historical objects and migration.


Colour is used in Madighi-Oghu’s practice as a means to illustrate movement, invisible phenomenon and as part of her speculative play in treating the process of visualising translation.


Through both her art making and curatorial practice, Madighi-Oghu seeks to weave connections between culture production and the greater socio-geopolitical historical narratives linked to the textiles and language.

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