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Vida Madighi-Oghu

Vida Madighi-Oghu was born in Nigeria and raised in Luanda, Angola and Cape Town, South Africa. She graduated from Michaelis School of Fine art in 2022 where she majored in printmaking and developed an interest in multidisciplinary art making. Madighi-Oghu describes herself as a storyteller with a research first approach rooted in themes from her Nigerian and multicultural upbringing such as language, traditional wear, historical objects and migration. Colour is used in her practice as a means to illustrate movement, invisible phenomenon and as part of her speculative play in treating the process of visualising translation akin to visualise light waves.

She is currently a curatorial fellow at University of Cape Town, Centre for Curating the Archive where she explores the storytelling and knowledge production potential in primarily West African textiles. Through both her art making and curatorial practice, Madighi-Oghu seeks to weave connections between culture production and the greater socio-geopolitical historical narratives linked to the textiles and language.

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