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Brian Montshiwa

BRIAN MONTSHIWA was born in Ivory Park Johannesburg. An interdisciplinary artist who is known for their conceptual, rigorous work and sensitive negotiation of complex social concerns, particularly of self-identity and self-representation.

Montshiwa holds an Honours Degree in Bachelors of Arts in fine Arts from the University of Witwatersrand. Their work engages performance art, photography, printmaking, and video art to redress invisibility and to seek more nuanced grammars of presenting overlooked and erased narratives, including their own. They use unlinked metaphors to introduce fluidity in how histories are disseminated.


Montshiwa has exhibited and presented performances at several notable institutions, including the University of the Witwatersrand.


Significant exhibitions and performances include, Queer Group  Exhibition -  Activate Wits at  Wits school of arts 2018; Paper – Turbine Art (Virtual) fair 2020; online residency with BLOCKBLVK 2021; Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize recipient 2021;  Wits Young Artist Award Group exhibition - Cruel Optimism 2021; Solo exhibition - A different kind of inheritance and A different kind of inhabitance at (Circa)  Everard read Gallery 2021; Residency with Church projects 2021.

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