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Warren Maroon

Warren Maroon

10.10.2022 -  12.11.2022



1. deep respect for someone or something.


1. regard or treat with deep respect.


The show looks at the idealization of gangs and violence that seem to stem from the youth of lower SES communities and the influence media has in creating and reinforcing a cool narrative that seems to further glorify gang culture. The alternative shift of the protagonist, the bad guy as the hero.

When the movie Blood in Blood out was released, it was the first time I saw the impact of media. So many gangs spawned in my neighbourhood, kids thought about their positions differently, everyone wanted to climb the ranks at which point they started to glorify gang leaders and hitmen. If a child looks at a hardened criminal as a role model, something failed somewhere.

It is this idealisation that provides the basis for this body of work and it is with found objects I attempt to build a vocabulary to tell these stories.

With Church projects being a project space, I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce elements of movement, sound and light into my sculpture 3 elements that lend itself to the firing of a gun and the release of a bullet.

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