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Public Participatory Intervention

Public Participatory Intervention

25.03.2022 - 15.04.2022

SAY NO TO WAR is a curatorial intervention.

The fight against oppression is our global obligation. We must continue to demand a world that says NO to war; NO to nuclear proliferation; NO to racism; NO to discrimination, apartheid, and inequality.

We must demand an end to the policing of women's bodies and an end to gender-based violence.

We must stand for green justice in order to save the only home we may ever know.

The human rights of every human being matter, we cannot turn our back on ourselves.

If our belief systems exclude, marginalize, and guarantee the salvation of some but damnation of others, it's time for a change.

YES to global DEMOCRACY and human rights.

To all who participated by expressing their thoughts on our CHURCH walls, we thank you. We continue to put into the world that which we are and that which we are intent on becoming.

For the next week, this intervention will only be for viewing. Our walls have no more space for further expression.


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