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Piet Tohlang Khabo

Piet Tohlang Khabo is a Mosotho South African artist born in Thaba Nchu, Free State Province on July 9, 1999. After moving to Bloemfontein shortly after his birth, Khabo's early education took place at Brandwag Primary. He later attended HTS Louis Botha, a technical school known for its athletic excellence, where he honed his drawing skills and developed a passion for poetry.


In pursuit of his artistic ambitions, Khabo moved to Kimberley's St. Cyprian's Grammar School for advanced art education. Since graduating high school in 2019, Piet has been pursuing a BA in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, focusing on decolonial practices and land issues. In 2023, Khabo was awarded a commission and scholarship grant by the Portland Japanese Garden institution.

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