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CHURCH is an unconventional art space of diminutive proportions situated in the Cape Town CBD. Based in a Heritage Building with its interior reimagined, it forms part of the vibrant Church Street inner-city Art node. 

CHURCH is focused on experimentation, innovation, and exploration within the Arts. It provides a platform for art interventions with greater emphasis on process rather than definitive outcomes.

This is a platform to take risks, test boundaries, formulate new ideas, and elicit conversations that might not necessarily be accommodated in more conventional Art spaces.


It is intended as a space that is regularly ‘turned over' to give an opportunity to more voices within the Art community.

CHURCH provides various opportunities:

- A vitrine/performance space at the entrance can accommodate live performances or          installation.

- Windows open for easy street and audience accessibility.

- A lightbox fixture on the ceiling on the ground floor.

- The upper floor offers larger wall space with an enclosed video room.

With its ‘fluid’ programming CHURCH is an Art destination that will keep locals, visitors and online audiences interested and engaged.

CHURCH Sunday sessions take place on specific Sunday mornings in the form of public discussions looking at ways in which art, life, and politics intersect.

CHURCH represents specific artists as part of its local and international Art Fair programme on an annual basis with the intention of providing these artists with greater traction both locally and abroad.

Despite CHURCH's attendence at Art Fairs, this will not detract from CHURCH's committment to continue to utilise its gallery platform for emerging artists and artists from previously dispossessed communities. CHURCH will continue to shift notions of acceptability, respectibility and taste making. 

Our Team

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